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Improve your eating habits and add essential nutrients to your meals by trying our pack of Microgreens today.

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At BeLeaf, we cultivate a way of life that prioritizes health and encourages people to consume edibles in their literal sense - to eat fresh, eat well, eat clean, and eat Microgreens.

  • Grown Hydroponically.
  • Pesticide and Chemical free.
  • Fully loaded with Love and Leaves.

Elevate your culinary experience and savor our Microgreens in a gourmet fashion.

Why Choose Us ?

Our vision is to create a healthier world by providing the highest quality, nutrient-rich Microgreens that are sustainably grown using environment friendly practices. We believe that by cultivating Microgreens, we can help people live longer, healthier lives and reduce the impact of food production on the environment. We are committed to educating our customers about the benefits of Microgreens and encouraging them to take healthier choices. We aspire to be a leader in sustainable food production, setting the standard for quality, nutrition, and environmental stewardship.


We take pride in supplying only the highest quality Microgreens that are grown and harvested using the best practices and delivered fresh to ensure maximum nutrition and flavour.

Healthy eating

We are dedicated in promoting healthy eating by providing nutrient-dense Microgreens that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet.

Sustainable food production

We practice sustainable Microgreen production by optimizing resources, including water and energy, to grow nutrient-dense Microgreens with a smaller environmental impact, even in areas with limited growing seasons or space.

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What they say about Us

Microgreens from Beleaf is nothing less than a bowl full of goodness.


Skin Care Influencer

Microgreens never tasted so fresh and yum, already placing orders for coming weeks.


Fashion Influencer

Microgreens from Beleaf organics are literally my favourite addition to the dish. Trust me it elevates their taste and adds so many benefits to them.

Ananya Sen

Food Blogger/ Influencer

It was lovely to get hands on this sumptuous super-food by Beleaf, not just adding taste but health as well.


MBA Finance, SJIM


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